For Anyone Frustrated With Saxophone Scales

Uncomfortable with the scales and playing in different keys ?

Use Scales To Play Music Better

Are learning scales really THAT important?


I’ve been frustrated with them and ignored them and I have not progressed because of that decision.


Scales Are Like A Swiss Army Knife

There are many scales and you tend to use a few of them more often than the others. But a scale that fits will work well, just like the right tool for the job, will work much better.

Main Blade

Let’s say the main blade is the C major scale. No sharps, no flats. The key that most sax players are most comfortable with early on.

You can use it quite a bit, in many situations. You can play anything that’s diatonic in the key of C and just use this scale. You can even use the different modes within it.

There are seven notes in C major and 12 notes possible (in a chromatic octave). So 7/12 is more than half.

But….. 5/12 notes are not in C major.

And if you try to use the main blade of a knife as a screwdriver, you will struggle pretty hard. Not the best tool for the job. Likewise, all the notes of C major do not always work in music with key changes.

Different Situations

And what if you need a Can opener, Scissors, Flat head Phillips? Awl?

Introducing: Saxophone Scales Class

Scales allow you to quickly become comfortable in the different keys that you will play music. Once you can play a scale in a particular key, music in that key becomes easier.

What’s in the Saxophone Scales Class?

  • Boring vs. Non-Boring

    I find that playing scales by rote without understanding their purpose can be boring.

    However, using scales to play music better and improvise so you navigate the changes in a way that shows you know the music makes the scales become non-boring.

  • Major Scales

    The major scales can be used as sort of a Swiss Army Knife.

    The main blade, the major scale itself is very useful.

    And within the scale are many possibilities.

  • Spaced Rotation

    You can learn a scale quickly by drilling it during a practice session. However, that really just gets it in your short term memory. By using techniques to place things in your long term memory you can actually learn scales with less time overall.


Q. Format:  What is the format of the class?

The Saxophone Scales Class includes

  • Written Lessons
  • Diagrams
  • Recordings
  • Videos

(Digital Class/book)

Q. Compatibility: Will the class work on both Mac and PCs?

Yes, it will.

Q. Payment: Do I need a Paypal account to buy?

“I wanted to sign up for the Saxophone Scales Class but it looks like I have to sign up for PayPal, which I don’t really want to do. Can I not just pay with my credit card?”

You do NOT need a Paypal account.

You can make a payment using your credit card on Paypal without a Paypal account. You can also send a check upon request.

Q. Guarantee: What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Yes, there is a 30 day guarantee.


You also get the following bonus materials:

  • Blues Scales
  • Playing Scales Smoothly
Premium Package Only $27 ($69 value)

Eligibility: You will have to agree to practice the material and work on the challenges.If you do that, you’ll learn a lot and be glad you signed up.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason, the class isn’t right for you, let me know and you’ll be refunded the class fee. No worries whatsoever. Take for a test drive!

Outside of the United States?

Note about payment if you live outside the United States:
If you do not yet have a Paypal account, first select, ‘no Paypal account’ then there’s a scrolling menu for country where you should select your country.After that, the languages may switch to your language.
Important note: If you have any questions or there is a technical issue, feel free to contact me!
Saxophone & Scales Regular Premium
Price $19 $27 ($69 value!)
Written Course Lessons
Implementation exercises for each section
Systematic path to working on scales
Videos of major scales with diagrams for alto and tenor
Feedback on two recordings of scales ($20 value)
Feedback on your answers to questions ($30 value!)

Neal Battaglia


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