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I just want to drop you a line and say thank you for all the small but helpful pieces I have received since knowing about your website and being subscribed to your newsletter.

The episode about improvisation on the minor pentatonic ("How to Set Up a Simple Groove on Sax") was an eye-opener for me.
Thanks and keep going!
-Marco Wedel (Germany)

Hey Neal,
Very impressive the way you teach that (Off Rhythm Report). Actually I was showing this to my wife and told about you, she said we can see you a good teacher.

Being a physics professor you bring that, maths and everything into this. Another example is the book you suggested to learn music.
-Vijai (UK)

"A week has passed, I have found your lessons immensely useful.

Have managed to play everyday almost an hour and I have kept an account on a day to day basis of what I did. The last lesson , was learn all the major and minor scales, for that I need some time.

Thank you for explaining that scales and chords are the same thing!"
-Christie (Amsterdam)

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