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Saxophone Foundations

For me, the main obstacle was struggling over the decision to get another course that might conflict with the instruction I am taking through a private instructor.

Fortunately the information in Saxophone foundation augments the information I am getting through private lessons. The course is outlined and somewhat follows the format of private lessons but you can move at your own pace.

What do you gain as a result of signing up for Saxophone Foundations?
Increases exercises in using the upper register and notes.

This is a weak area for me and the additional work is being helpful

The CD examples are excellent because you can hear them in the context of the specific saxophone you are playing.
So many of the standard off the shelf music books from the major music education publishers used examples that cover multiple instrument training books.
The current Saxophone book my instructor is working me through has examples performed on a clarinet.
Three other benefits about this class:
    - Self paced
    - Timely feedback to questions. This is rarely the case from internet sources classes.

I have a great deal of experience with guitar lessons both private and via the internet and rarely do you get responses back as promised.

If you do it is days later which is not conducive to learning.

Would you recommend Saxophone Foundations?
Yes, particularly if they are considering private lessons and are somewhat disciplined. I just wrote a check for $100 for my November lesson fees. I could essentially get the same thing from your course. I must say it might not work for a young child trying to learn an instrument but if there is a commitment your course would be an excellent option.

The internet is full of websites or options for song focused training but for the saxophone I’m finding this isn’t the case so much.

You can find some limited stuff on You Tube but the quality is hit or miss.

 -Craig Miller

Saxophone Foundations

"A week has passed, I have found your lessons immensely useful.

Have managed to play everyday almost an hour and I have kept an account on a day to day basis of what I did. The last lesson , was learn all the major and minor scales, for that I need some time.

Thank you for explaining that scales and chords are the same thing!"
-Christie (Amsterdam)

I just want to drop you a line and say thank you for all the small but helpful pieces I have received since knowing about your website and being subscribed to your newsletter.

The episode about improvisation on the minor pentatonic ("How to Set Up a Simple Groove on Sax") was an eye-opener for me.
Thanks and keep going!
-Marco Wedel (Germany)

Hey Neal,
Very impressive the way you teach that (Off Rhythm Report). Actually I was showing this to my wife and told about you, she said we can see you a good teacher.

Being a physics professor you bring that, maths and everything into this. Another example is the book you suggested to learn music.
-Vijai (UK)

Saxophone Tribe

Hey Neal,
I have finally found the time time to sit down and reply to you! I just wanted to thank you so much for all the quick lessons you have sent me.
Even though I didn't reply/comment on them, I still took my time to view them and I'm glad I did, especially the lesson on the mouthpiece position/embouchure.
My sound quality improved almost instantly. Needless to say, everybody in my band (including my director!!) was very impressed. Thank you once again!

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