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Saxophone Practice Long Tones Circular Breathing

Hey neal, I have a question. What is your best practice technique. My time allotted for practice daily is about 1 hour. How can i fit a good practice schedule into 1 hour?
And, how can I try to get circular breathing! I’ve been trying for days, and I cant get it.
What does an expert like yourself recommend?

Thanks for the help

-Stavros (ALTO SAX

Hey Stavros,
I always start with long tones.  One exercise I do takes about 8 minutes. I spend one complete breath split between two notes. Then progress up and down chromatically one octave from low E to E. Then I usually do some more long tones from a book that I have.  After that I do some scales from Jackie McClean’s book.  Then I do some jazz exercises- ii V I’s, etc.  Sometimes I’ll work on classical stuff out of Rubanks or some other books.  And I’ll work on pieces I’m playing with groups and transcriptions towards the end.  I used to do more playalongs- abersolds.  All that can fit within an hour- it all depends on how much time you have.  If I don’t do anything else, I’ll still do the long tones- so then you still feel like you’ve played the next day.

For circular breathing, I talked to a teacher and he told me about how the didjeridoo players do it.  How long have you been playing for?  One of my teachers could circular breath, and it’s a good effect sometimes, but not the most important thing to learn.

There’s an exercise related to holding water in the cheeks.