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Basic Jazz Chords Chart

The basic chords you need to know on saxophone.

Major triad, major seventh, dominant seventh.

Minor triad, minor seventh.

Diminished seventh, augmented seventh.

saxophone chords - basic jazz chords

Basic Chords for Jazz

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  1. This is really awesome Neal. I appreciate and adore your work ethic! Great job!

  2. Thanks Neal for sharing – this is great!

  3. I cant read music ,but I have been blowing the sax pretty well ,I have an alto ,I am 60years old in april & want to play a tune on my birthday.I play guitar & ukelele very well,but cant string notes together on a sax…I have been trying to practice “moves like jagger”..DO you have a fingering chart where I could see where to put my fingers?or is it too late for me.?

    hope you can help.


    • Hey Bess,
      It would be a lot easier for you to play things like that if you could read music. Do you learn music by ear?

      Right now, I don’t have a chart. I was thinking about doing that tune, but I was only planning on doing a piece of it. Will let you know if I do.


  4. hi . im roxette– i would like to asked a favor to you if u dont mind it sir.. i realy want to learn and practice playing saxophone. coz someone part of myself was pushing me to eager to know and to learned saxophone. i dont know why it happens… it just the rhytm and the sounds of the saxophone calling me…. i just really love it.. ! please do help me .. thank you and GodSpeed !

    • Hey Roxette,
      There should be some lessons on the site that will help you. Ask if you have specific questions. Thanks

  5. I started reading music and playing alto sax 2 years ago (in 4th grade), and I was wondering if it was possible, and how, to play a chord on the sax.
    I looked at your basic jazz chords chart, and it was like reading a forigen language.
    I have no idea what words up there mean, what it would look like on a treble clef, or what fingers to press down for any of the chords.
    Is there any way to help me?

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