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Blues Saxophone Line – Alto Sax

The blues saxophone line from before that I played on tenor, for alto!

I know it can be frustrating to have an entire combination of music (or whatever you’re learning) at full speed multiple times at the beginning of a lesson.  Since this is only two bars, didn’t think that an issue.  But let me know if you have questions!

So it plays three times at normal speed at the beginning.  You could probably learn it by ear if you’ve some experience doing that or at least pick it up quickly once you see the written line.

When it’s slowed down, I’m just playing the notes, not with the rhythm of the line.

Note for beginning players:

On saxophone, you don’t play the same key with different fingers.  Each finger has a specific role and may operate a single key or multiple keys.  There aren’t ‘voicings’ which can be done different ways.  I just play a little piano myself.

Check out the saxophone fingering chart if you’re confused on what the fingering diagrams mean.

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  1. Jesus Fuentes says:

    Hello , well thanks for the tip , as a beginning sax player Im just learning to get the feel on the musicality of the notes so this helps a lot.

    Thanks and keep those tips coming


  2. david Ayodele says:

    l love you ,you are great ,pls teach me how play duet with saxophone and jazz scale

  3. I like your Blues Saxophone line. I like to learn more Blues line or Blues licks. Where can I get it? Can you suggest a book or dvd on Blues line?


    Thanks Neal for that blue line, It’s a nice one to add into my repertoire. I’ve been playing alto sax now(learning) for the last 2years.I’ve heard that if you play in a certain key with tenor sax you’ve to tranpose the same song when playing with an alto.Did you’ve to do the that with the blue line when you played from tenor to alto?

  5. Get hey Neal, got anymore blues lines?

  6. This is really helping me feel the groove, thanks! And I also noted at the beginning that your mouthpiece is way off the cork when my teacher says not to do that, but you sound really good! Why is that? When ever I try that I sound like a dying goose! XP

    • Hey Amy, glad you like it. Different saxophones have different characteristics. You’ll place the mouthpiece at one position and it could work, but it might not work on another sax. Depends on the player too.

  7. I really don’t understand why my saxophone sounds a lot different then yours. I plan an A, it doesn’t sound like the A you’re playing. Did you use a Tuner thing to change the pitch, or is my Saxophone kinda messed up?

  8. Thanks Neal,

    This blues line really helped me out. I have learned to play a new note Eb!

  9. Hey Neal great site. I just picked up an alto sax last saturday. I’ve been playing
    blues harp for 40 years and I find the effects I use on the harmonica helps me with the different effects on the sax.
    Bending notes,high to low on some.
    Your site has given me a lot of tips.
    I’m having a ball with a one Hr. practise every day. Thanks

  10. javier ramirez says:

    alto sax rocks it has a big tone

  11. Thanks Neal for that blue line what key would that be in. Have you got any resources to help me to transpose please.
    Kind regards
    Ps Thanks for your help.

    • Did you type the word transpose into the search bar on the side of the site? That should get you to a couple of posts. Check out Saxophone Tribe if you want more help. Thanks

  12. I haven’t had a chance to leave a comment because I have been a little busy. I like the website and the videos they have helped me a lot thanks.

  13. Hi do soprano alto sax sound different from normal alto sax, or its is to say am not getting well with my intone

    • Yes, soprano sax will sound different than alto sax. It’s going to be harder on soprano to control the tone compared to alto or tenor.

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