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Buying a Saxophone

I’ve started looking around for a sax, I really appreciate your recommendations. I found a vintage Selmer and am seriously considering putting something down on it. What do you think I should pay for a good Saxophone or is it kind of hard to say?
If you’re just starting, I would probably use a beginning horn.  They tend to be a little easier to play on.  Depending on the vintage horn though, it might turn out all right.  Plan on spending ~$1500 or so for a solid beginning horn.  Did you decide on an alto or tenor?

Try it out and bring a saxophone player with you if you can.



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  1. Jimmy Haag says:

    I bought my alto for $425 and my tenor for $475 back in my high school days. Both are Mark VI’S and they were the just the saxes I bought with my paper route money.I wish I knew they’d be really worth something back then.Go figure!!

  2. To Jimmy Haag,

    Oh Hell! Man, I wish I can go back in time and get a Mark VI. But, during my high school and somewhat during my college days, I kind of knew “didaly squat about saxes.” Aye, ya yay!

    Now, I have a Selmer Alto Ref 54 that I bought about 4 years ago. My, then fiancee was mad that I bought it when we were engaged, but now that it’s gone up in value, I have no regrets. I would say check the classifieds in the papers. You might find gold again!


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