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Charlie Lamprecht – Youtube Saxophone Phenomenon


That’s the number of views that Charlie Lamprecht has on Youtube for ‪Beyoncé – Halo – Alto and Tenor Saxophone Duet‬, last I checked.

Must be doing something right.

I saw a couple of videos when I was looking for saxophone stuff on Youtube, and then he has commented a couple of times on the Sax Station facebook page.  So I checked his stuff out a little more.

Charlie Lamprecht is a young and upcoming saxophone player.  He has a growing fan base consisting of all ages.  Seems to be going for the smooth jazz/R&B sound.  It’s a little rough sometimes (would tone down the scoops a little myself), but there’s definitely emotion in his playing.

Here are a few things his fans are saying:

“Charlie. You are a real inspiration to me.” “Thank you for being such a saxophone god.” “I heard some of your covers, I am totally in love with them.” “You inspire me to play my sax again.”

I’m liking how he’s inspiring others to listen and play saxophone.

Charlie posted this on the Sax Station page,

“When I first started playing on YouTube, I had a lot of haters. So many to the point that I almost considered quitting the saxophone altogether. But then I realized that those people are insignificant, and have no idea what they are talking about.

The way I see it, everyone has haters, and everyone always will. If you don’t, then you’re probably not doing something right 😉 Haha Thanks for this post!”

So what’s going on here?

Part of Charlie’s recent popularity is attributed to his talent and ability to play saxophone. Lamprecht, however, has also gained tremendous popularity because of his musical  selections.  He’s playing music that’s very popular now (ie Beyonce) and putting his own interpretation of it online.

Lamprecht plays classical music as well as a wide variety of other genres. Charlie’s jazz and soul playing are the ticket for some.  He gains the attention of younger audiences in his pop and hip hop music.

Born in Denver, Colorado, on April 3, in 1991, Charlie Lamprecht began playing the alto saxophone at the age of 10. Recently, he added tenor.

According to Lamprecht, his music is inspired by some great musicians. Ray Charles, John Mayer, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and Norah Jones are just a few of the many legendary artists that have inspired his music.

If there is any advice that saxophone players can take from Charlie Lamprecht, he always plays music that either has an emotional impact on him or revives his spirit.

Of course, the connection that a musician has to the music emotionally will come through when he or she plays it.

Music is not just about beats and lyrics, feeling and emotions are also important dimensions.

To hear Charlie Lamprecht, check out his Youtube channel –

You will find links to a variety of music videos performed by Lamprecht, as well as biographical information, downloadable sheet music, and a link to his Facebook fanpage.

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  1. I saw that video and I was thrilled to hear how Halo sounded so good on a sax. Charlie Lamprecht is talented.

  2. this guy is amazing. He is the person who inspired my to pick up saxaphone. not im so excited to learn :)! *charlie lamprecht is a true inspiration

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