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Epic Sax Guy Notes- How to Play Epic Sax Guy Line on Alto Sax

My student Paul in NY asked how to play this one, so here it is.

Starts on F#, that note repeats a few times. (Notes for tenor sax below video)

You bend the A.

Though there is a ten hour video on youtube, I wouldn’t recommend playing it for that long!

Correction: at 1:47, it says D E, but I’m playing E D. It should be E D. There is an annotation with this correction already on the youtube version, but that might not be visible here.

Notes for tenor saxophone:
E E F# G E

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  1. this is so awesome i cant describe it O_0

  2. I’m only 12 and I’m just learning to play the alto sax and this video really helped me extend my musical learning because for so long i wanted to know how to play this and thanks to you, now i finally can. =)

  3. i love this but you should make sheet music bro so we can be able to print it out it will help us better, not saying your video is bad its great its really helpful but for most of us printing it out would be much easier bt if you could make something to print it out i will appreciate it thank you bro..

  4. Nice video, but just to let you know that after the A-F# bit you have put D-E when what you play and the music is is E-D

    • Thanks, I play E D like it should be, but mixed them up on the diagram. Had added an annotation in the video, but I don’t think it’s displaying here. So I just added a note about that.

  5. Thank you ^^ for teaching me, epic sax guy on saxophone ^ ^

  6. Can you give the notes for tenor sax?

  7. Hey Neal could you show me how to play Stereo love by edward maya on tenor please?

  8. I play Bari, started on alto, I have been playing alto 5years now, Bari 3, I always love seeing people tryin to learn to play I’m only a sophomore in high school but i love watching people make experiences, and having fun, this song sounds/looks like a good “starter” song, I hope many of you who play have good fun with he sax

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