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How to Play the Pink Panther Theme on Alto Sax (First Line)

Got a few requests asking how to play the Pink Panther Theme, by Henry Mancini, on alto sax. It is a bit trickier on alto sax to play it this key which seems to be the most commonly published key (down a whole step from the original key).

Starts on a Db concert. That’s Eb (or D#) for tenor/soprano sax and A# for alto/bari sax.

If you would like to learn the rest, I recommend learning it by ear or buying the sheet music (alto sax/piano arrangement).

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  1. Neal I learned the pink panther theme some time now on your postings, I played it on an Alto sax but I used the D# Eb style it sounds wonderful, I also have the notes for the Alto version

    • Hey Mark, cool, yep, I think it probably sounds better and flows more easily starting on D#, but if you want to play in the original key on alto sax, it would start the other way.

    • I try to start pink panther in eflat with the tenor is that ok?

      • Hey Gary,
        You can play any song you want in any key you like. It’s basically fine as long as you’re not playing with others.

        If you play with others, you need to be playing in the same key. Otherwise things can sound pretty bad.

        There is the question of whether it’s better to play in the original key, the composer likely chose the original key for a reason.

        The original key for Pink Panther is actually somewhat difficult. So it seems like it’s not played in that key too often anymore.

  2. you shoul teach the whole song

  3. Cmon neal, teach us the rest, it doesnt hurt.

    • You can contact the copyright holder of Henry Mancini’s music and ask permission for that. Or you can learn it by ear. Or you can buy the music.

  4. Hey Neal,
    Your site has helped me greatly. I just started the saxaphone and am trying to play the pink panther on it.
    I learned all that you showed in the video but i wanna learn the whole song. Please help me out.

  5. Neal can you please put up mario bros i would love to learn that song please Neal

  6. On alto sax

  7. Nathan Madine says:

    Hi Neal
    I recently purchased an Artemis MkIII Alto Saxophone. I am using a 2 1/2 reed. Is this the appropriate saxophone to be using as a begineer or do you reccommend using a different brand?

    Kind Regards

    Nathan Madine

    • It’s probably all right, I haven’t played one, but read something about it and it seems like it’s okay.

  8. hi i in 5th grade and i play the alto saxophone and i thank you for your wonderful videos it helped me a lot

  9. Hey Niel,
    My problem is I don’t know the use of the other keys… For eg. What notes do the keys on the sides below and behind do? What keys are used for sharps and flats. I just know the c major scale and am blank on the rest…

  10. Hey Neal,

    Just came across this (new sax player hear)

    I have almost nailed this tune, but I use the following and was wandering if there is anything wrong with that.

    G# A__ B C__ G# A B C Fo Eo A C Eo E~o___Do C AGA___
    G# A__ B C__ G# A B C Fo Eo C Eo Ao G#o_________
    G# A__ B C__G# A B C Fo Eo A C Eo E~o___Do C AGA___
    Ao Go Eo Do C A E~o Do E~o Do E~o Do E~o Do C AGA A____

    # = sharp
    ~ = flat
    o = Octave key

    • Hello Simon,
      Basically, it looks like you played the melody in a different key. You can play any melody starting on any note, but often we want to play music in the original key. The key that I did in this video isn’t actually the original key, but it is a key that the song is commonly played in (more commonly than what you seemed to have played).

      Sometimes that happens, an example is Autumn Leaves for which musicians tend to play it in one of two keys.

  11. I start “goodbye pork pie hat” in eflat also
    Would that sound ok?

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