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Sax Improvisation – Free Blues Play Along Video

by Neal

The video below has a blues is in F concert that you can play along with.

So that means G for tenor saxophones and soprano (they’re in Bb) and D for alto saxophones & bari saxophones (they’re in Eb).

A basic blues uses the I chord IV chord and V chord.

You can use the blues scale over the whole chorus- some notes will work better than others in different spots, so be aware and keep your ears open.

The G blues scale, that you would play on tenor/soprano sax for this, is:

G – Bb – C – C# – D – F – G

The D blues scale, that you would play on alto/bari sax for this, is:

D – F – G – Ab – A – C – D

So try playing around with it!

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