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Saxophone Finger Chart – Reloaded

A good saxophone fingering chart is very useful, especially early on in playing the sax.

Saxophone Finger Chart – All the notes and fingerings on saxophone.

It can also be helpful when you need the best way to play a certain pattern of music, alternate fingerings can make your life a bit easier.  Sometimes we get in habits of only using a particular fingering for a note…..

Saxophone Finger Chart Bb

Saxophone Finger Chart Bb

Usually fingering charts for sax are written on one page – they’re portable that way, but on a screen, you don’t have to worry about killing trees and the diagrams can be big enough to see very clearly with tips about the different fingerings right next to the diagrams.  For example – whether the alternate fingering for F# sounds as good as the normal fingering.

So I made one of my own.  Thanks to Bret Pimentel for making the software that enabled it.

Check out the finger chart in a video:

Saxophone Finger Chart

The entire chart will be available to view on the site  for free if you’re on the Sax Station email list.

A high resolution downloadable version with notes and tips is available.

Download the high resolution saxophone fingering chart.

$1 for now

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