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Saxophone Mouthpieces Reeds and Setup Responses to Mike's Question

Response for Mike

I use #3 Vandoren reeds, a selmer C* mouthpiece, and an accent alto sax.

Hey Neal!

Good to hear from you, how are you doing?

My setup is a Otto Link Metal 5* with a 3S Rico Jazz Select on alto, and a 6* with the same reed on tenor. I have been having some trouble with the strength of my reed, alot of air coming out and the tone being quiet buzzy. But i have found some excersises to relax my embouchure and this is just what i needed! Now i got the full tone i want to have in all registers. Playing on a small piece with hard reeds of course give you a focused sound, and to me, the fullest sound, which i appreciate. You will intonate a lot better with this setup too, or in other words don’t have to work so hard to be in tune. I dig Charlie Parker and Coltrane, who both had a focused sound, IMHO. There is a little bit more air in my tone on tenor, but nothing special, i like it. I am wondering if i should go to try a bigger facing on the alto maybe a 6* as on my tenor.

Hope this helps. You sometimes have to blow a bit more to get your sound out on a small piece, but i guess it could be the same if you have a opening which is too big for you.

Best Regards

I play a Hite Premier (preferred) or Selmer S80 C* (use a velcro strap for my preferred ligature) with a #3 reed on a Jupiter 767GL alto.  It’s not pro, but it’s free blowing and it sounds good.  I’m working on getting my Conn NWII alto playing, but the funds aren’t there right now.

My set-up; Tenor sax Yanagisawa 991 with Theo Wanne Durga 8 with Bari hard plastic reed and Yanagisawa solid bronze plated 24 kt gold and Dejaques neck strap.

Hey Neal,

I use and experiment with a few mouthpieces. As you know, I play a Selmer Reference 54 Alto Sax and a Yamaha YAS-23. Both are great saxes. With mouthpieces, I usually use a Meyer 5, but I also use a metal Beechler 7. Both are highly recommended; especially the Meyer 5. That mouthpiece made my beginner YAS-23 sound like a professional sax. The Beechler 7 make the sax sounds brighter.

As for reeds, I definitely like the Rico #3 plastic coated reeds. Just the reeds itself make playing better and there is not much need for wetting. I definitely will not go back to anything else. Before, I played on Vandorens. The cane on those reeds are very good. The Ricos work well even with my beginner mouthpieces.

I have to go, but hope this answers your question. Catch you later!

Hey Neal! I use a runyon #7 mouth piece and a 2-1/2 plastic coated rico reeds.

Hey neal
for my alto (which is the Yamaha custom Z )i use the jody jazz with the omega symbol on it. Its a number 7 , and i use plasticover number 3 1\2 but also 4

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