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What is your opinion on the mouthpiece selmer soloist c **? (Saxophone Mouthpiece)

Selmer Soloist Mouthpiece, C**

Selmer Soloist Mouthpiece, C**

Question about a saxophone mouthpiece and a bit of discussion.

The comments on a few pages were getting a little bit out of hand, so I was thinking I would change the format a bit. Here’s a question, my answer, and a bit of discussion about mouthpieces and equipment.

Go to the Questions? page if you have a question. And feel free to leave comments on posts.

Hélio Lacerda

Hi Neal,
thanks for all the posts and lessons this year and wish a happy new year to you.

What is your opinion on the mouthpiece selmer soloist c **?
That will be formed in my setup to play in the suit of my orchestra?
Our repertoire is mostly jazz standarts and Brazilian music.
Our suit is made by me on tenor sax and flute, a clarinet and two alto sax.
Ihave a Conn 16M tenor, currently use a 7-d dukoff metal and reeds Fibracell.



Hey Hélio,
I think that the selmer soloist would work well for an orchestra. You might need a mic to cut through with the jazz standards and Brazillian music, the main thing is if you’re liking the sound for the setting that you play it in.

The Dukoff is going to cut through more, but maybe the Selmer sounds better. Go with the one that helps you get the sound you like, maybe get the other musicians to let you know what they think.

Your perspective playing is different than their perspective, you can also record both and see what you think.

Hélio Lacerda

Hi Neal!
Exact, was the suggestion of the musicians of the orchestra that I’m looking to change my sound. I’ve tried hard rubber Otto Link, but not like the result. I will test a selmer soloist now.

Thank you.

Ken Bourg

Hélio: I also have a 16M Tenor and get my best results on either a Solist D (rubber) or a Selmer Jazz D (Metal) using Legere 2 1/2 or 3 reeds deending on the music to be played. I have lots of other MPs but these are two of my favorites.

I soon plan to buy a Super Session tenor 8. I play almost exclusively on the Super Session E on Soprano (Selmer VI) and Super Session D or E on Alto (Yamaha Custom 875 EX with the V1 neck. Hope this helps. Happy New Year, Ken


Hello Ken,
Thanks for adding your thoughts on the matter, especially since you’re playing that horn!

Hélio Lacerda

Hi Ken!
Thanks for the help. I already buy the Selmer Soloist mouthpiece, I hope the outcome is good.

Ken Bourg

Hélio: Let us know how it works out for you.

I’m always interested in how different combos work out. For example, on my 1947 Martin Imperial Tenor (the backup with metal resos) I use an old Whitehall that measures 2.05 on the tip gauge. It has a very long facing and a huge chamber. It really looks like a Barry MP.

I like Fibracell Synthetic hard reeds on it and I can tease it between light and dark tones and howl like a wolf when I need to really project. On my Yamaha Custom YTS 82 Z Silver, I like the old Selmer Metal Soloist E (no longer in production) with a Legere #3 Signature Series Synthetic reed & Rovner Platinum Ligature. That combo is dynamite for R&B / blues pieces.

I might add that I exclusively use Rovner ligatures on every sax / clarinet MP. I find there is no equal and have about 15 or so that I use either in rotation or for specific tonal needs. Wishing you the best Happy New Year ever; now go out and gig a mob. Ken

Hélio Lacerda

In my tenor Conn16M 1967 I use the D-7 dukoff metal with Fibracell 2.5 or 3 and Rico ligature, then the sound is bright. I’ve tried using other reeds but did not like the result.

My friends in the orchestra suggested a darker sound to fit more on the suit, so I want use a selmer soloist mouthpiece to feel the results. I will start using the fibracel and then I tested other types of reeds. I already bought a selmer soloist C**, I’m waiting to arrive.

I never used Legere reeds. Do you like it?

Ken Bourg

Hello Hélio: Yes, I am loyal to Legere, especially their new Signature series. I am also loyal to Rovner Ligatures. I like the Dark 2R or Platnum 2-PR (especially to bring out the lower registers) on the Soloist Hard Rubber D with a 2 1/2 or 3 Legere Platnum for a darker sound.

I don’t know what pads you are using, but if you have domed pads with metal resos, you will always be on the bright side with the 16M. The Dukoff will be brighter than the Solist. In all combos. The 12M series were intended to project brightness into pieces and not built as a dark sounding instrument.

I suggest you try a Rovner 2R Dark with a Legere Signiture reed with your soloist. You will darken your sound some. If you are wanting to do serious concert pieces you might consider using a Yamaha YTS Custom 875 EX with the G3 neck. They are built for the orchestra. Good luck. Ken

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