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Why Learn Sax Improvisation?

by Neal

Why Improvisation?

In jazz and many other styles of music you take solos on saxophone and a lot of the time you need to make something up.  And you probably want it to sound good.  Improvisation can seem really complicated, but it just takes practice and some guidance.

What is improvisation?

Making up your own thing in your own voice based on the music you’re playing- could be blues, jazz, salsa, they used to do it in classical music too.

How do you learn improvisation on sax?

A lot of experimentation is necessary.  You can learn ideas from hearing them and the ideas make more sense with a theoretical understanding of what’s going on.

What will learning improvisation do you for your saxophone playing?

You’ll be able to take a killer solo on saxophone and melt peoples faces.  That second part will vary from person to person.

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