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Alto Sax Stand, Tenor Sax Stand, Baritone Sax Stand, Keg Stand?

saxophone stand and kegs

Saxophone stand! More Functional Than a Keg Stand

Well, maybe that last one doesn’t belong in the list…..

The other night at a gig I was looking at my sax stand and how it wobbled.  It had done that for years.  Was a little annoying, but didn’t seem to really matter.  It worked and it has a couple of spots to put in pegs for flute and clarinet which I use sometimes.  But I decided to look at it more closely.

It turned out that one of the metal legs was bent and that made it not rest evenly on most surfaces.  Unless those surfaces happened to be the correct slant to line up with it.

I had tried to bend it back before, but it’s not that easy to bend somewhat thick metal, so it didn’t quite work out.

That night I decided to use a little leverage, have the metal legs out, hold it by the opposite leg and push at the tip of the bent leg.  The physics of the situation caused my force to do more and I actually unbent the sax stand.  A moment of triumph.  Not sure why I didn’t do it years before.

torque equation

Tau (torque) = lever length x force x sin of the angle between force and object

Another issue with my stand is that while it works for tenor + flute and clarinet both even, it doesn’t really hold an alto sax too well.  The proportions aren’t quite right.

Now that I’m playing more than one saxophone….

It came to my attention that my friend had a pretty spiffy looking Hercules Double Alto/Tenor Sax Stand
that could hold both an alto sax and a tenor sax.  He had the Hercules stand.

I have seen some other friends who are musicians with them.

Was thinking about getting one of those.

Any thoughts on your sax stand?  The good and bad?  Leave a comment!

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